About Basin Tree Service

Basin Tree Service, is a family owned and operated Washington State Corporation with staffed offices in Ephrata, Washington; Phoenix, Arizona; and Elko, Nevada. 

The Company was formally incorporated in 1990 with a primary goal of providing cost effective herbicide spray, tree trimming and pest control services to various public and private entities throughout the state of Washington. 

Since our modest beginning, BTS has aggressively expanded on its core services which now include landscape maintenance and construction, power line tree trimming, right of way clearing, and herbicide application. 

These additional services have enabled BTS to offer customers, which now includes state, county, city and other local municipal government agencies, as well as railroads, industrial companies and public and private utilities, a more complete and comprehensive vegetation management solution.

Our promise to each and every customer is to provide our clients with cost-effective, innovative and reliable vegetation management services that are completed in a safe, professional and timely manner.

Contact Info

Basin Tree Service & Pest Control, Inc.
1302 HWY 28
Ephrata, WA 98823
P (800) 754-4176
P (509) 754-4176
F (509) 754-4240